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General Hospital - ABC, March 12-14, Agnes (2013)
BPM: Beats Per Mnet - Mnet, Asian Pop Culture Show, Host (2012)
Brothers - FOX, Season 1 ep 9, Colleen (2009) 
Samantha Who? - ABC, Pilot (2007)
Cavemen - ABC, Pilot, Delta (2007)
Las Vegas - NBC, Season 5 ep 1 (2007)
AMC Date Night - AMC, Original Sin - Jan 22, 2007, Host (2007)
Ned's Declassified - Nickelodeon, Season 2 ep 10, Miss Modelle (2006)
The Drop - SiTV (nuvoTV), Music/Entertainment Talk Show, Host (2004-2007)
The Rub - SiTV (nuvoTV), Relationship Talk Show, Guest Host (2006)
Styleyes - SiTV (nuvoTV), Paul Magalad Fashion Show, Guest (2006)
Flicks - TV Guide, Entertainment Show

Jelynn also starred in an online web series called Acts of Love and Sex (AKA Engaged), from 2007-2009. You can watch the episodes here, and some exclusive videos by her character Christine on her trip to the Philippines.

Links to most of Jelynn's TV appearances are located in the Shop.

Click Here to see all TV posts from the News Feed.

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