Wednesday, December 19, 2007

What do you do for a two year anniversary?

It's that time again. Another fun and exciting year has gone by at an incredibly fast pace. I can't believe its December already. Upon looking up on the internet, I've learned that cotton is the traditional gift for the second year. There are such great choices as: bed sheets, personalized T-shirts, sexy cotton lingerie, or a hammock (that would really hit the spot right now actually).

It has been quite a while since I posted anything. See, I've decided, that just for today, I'm going to break the WGA writer's strike.... just kidding. I've just been really busy with my "day job" which involves full-time "studying" at UC Davis and cooking for my demanding neighbors who always seem to be hungry and never get fat...

But, out of this long break I have some very good news. The first piece of information is that we FINALLY have a release date for Grizzly Park:

February 7th, 2008

Better late than never, and this movie is definitely going to be worth the wait, so mark your calendars!

My second piece of good news is that there is a new trailer for Grizzly Park online. When I first watched it, it scarred me, so the movie is looking good. You can watch the trailer here.

Finally, and this one is most pressing. This Friday, Jelynn and her friend T-Lopez from The Drop are hosting "A Very Sexy Xmas Party." If you're in the area, you should try and check it out. As you can tell from the invite, Jelynn appears to have been a naughty girl this year.

I'd also like to take the opportunity to share some of my favorite moments related to Jelynn and this site from the past year. First was getting the new website domain registered,, earlier this year. That was always one of the things that nagged at me most, so I'm glad it's finally been integrated. Second was adding a flickr photo gallery full of pictures from all of Jelynn's projects including many screenshots from The Drop. I still have to figure out why all of the photos are not showing at the moment, but once I get that settled I should be able to upload more of The Drop. Finally, and this is just to feed my own ego, but I'm happy to see that typing in "Jelynn Rodriguez" into google brings back this page as the first result.

And last, but certainly not least, some of my favorite projects Jelynn has been a part of in 2007:

(01/21/07) Don't forget to watch AMC Monday night at 8pm!
This was pretty funny. It looks like she had fun with some of them at least.

(02/19/07) Cover of Asia: The Journal of Culture and Commerce
I asked a friend at UCSD to grab me a copy of this... and he claims to have finally brought it with him back to town... we shall see.

(04/02/07) The Drop gets a new webpage at
Every once and a while, Sitv revamps their website, and it gets better every time.

(04/29/07) Behind the Scenes Interviews of Grizzly Park
This is the first post that kick-started all the Grizzly Park info that came during the rest of the year. Check them all out in the Movies section or the Index.

(05/02/07) Behind the Scenes Photos of The Drop
It's cool to see what it's like off-stage.

(08/23/07) Engaged Premieres Online Tonight
Also the first of many Engaged posts. I'm happy to say the shows producers have announced more Engaged is in the works.

(09/06/07) New Bar Starz Poster
Nice to see Bar Starz is also making progess. Hopefully it is also released soon.

(09/26/07) Check out Las Vegas season premiere friday 9/28
One of my favorite shows. It was really cool to see Jelynn in it.

(09/30/07) Check out Jelynn's Download Lowdown
The first of many videos on youtube and cell phones. Too bad my phone doesn't do video.

(10/13/07) Samantha Who? Premiere's on ABC Monday 10/15
I watched this with my friends. We all really liked the show and thought Jelynn is really funny in her role.

This sure has been a very busy year for Jelynn, just like 2006. I look forward to everything coming up in 2008 like Grizzly Park, Bar Starz, The Drop, Engaged, and much much more. Thanks everyone for visiting, and thank you Jelynn for all your kind words of encouragment.


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