Monday, January 15, 2007

The Drop video clips up on Youtube

Sitv has started a Youtube account and uploaded a few clips from The Drop. This is great for all those people who don't get Sitv as part of their cable/satelite package. It's also great because there's no reason these clips shouldn't be online forever. In the past when sitv uploaded video clips to their website, they were periodically lost during new site updates.

You can see all of the videos uploaded by Sitv here. Or, you can click on the following links to see the individual clips for The Drop. I'll put the name of the clip, the date is was uploaded, and let you know if Jelynn is a host for that clip. If I remember, I'll update the list as Sitv uploads new videos.

Freestyle Battle (1/5/07)

Freestyle Battle 2 (1/5/07)

Dance Battle (1/5/07)

Dance Battle 2 (1/5/07)

Getting Krump on The Drop (1/12/07) [featuring Jelynn]

Vida Guerra's "ASSets" (1/12/07) [featuring Jelynn]

Eva Longoria sexing up The Drop (1/22/07)

Yo Momma on The Drop (Wilmer Valderrama and FILTHEE) (1/22/07) [featuring Jelynn]


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