Monday, January 15, 2007

Check out Jelynn on AMC Date Night Jan. 22nd

Someone was kind enough to inform me of Jelynn's upcoming appearance on the channel AMC. Tune in on January 22nd at 8pm for AMC Date Night, which will be showing the movie Original Sin. I'm not sure what Jelynn's role will be. I've never watched this show before, but I imagine it's something like FX's DVDonTV or Sitv's Not so Foreign Filmmakers Showcase with hosts and/or interviews.

You can find more information about Date Night at the AMC show page. At that they page, they describe the show saying:

Featuring today's hottest stars and films, Date Night lets one lucky movie enthusiast seek true love on air, speed dating other film fanatics in hopes of finding a perfect "movie match."

Sounds interesting. Don't forget to watch or set your Tivo. If you dont see "Date Night" in the program guide of your cable/satellite provider or tvguide listings, it is probably just "Original Sin."


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