Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Drop Interview Clip with Robert Rey (Dr. 90210)

In the month of September, Sitv aired an episode of The Drop with Dr. Robert Rey, AKA Dr. 90210, being interviewed by Jelynn and Eric. Sitv has cut together a clip of part of the interview that can be watched at their website on The Drop's show page. To watch the clip, just click on the picture of Dr. Robert Rey which looks like:

In this clip, Dr. Rey talks about what he does as a plastic surgeon and how he got his start in the business. The online clip is not the full interview. In the second half of the interview, Jelynn, Eric, and Dr. Rey show off and play with different types of cosmetic implants, which I had mentioned before. If you want to see the full interview, keep watching reruns of The Drop on Sitv.


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