Sunday, April 16, 2006

Jelynn's Yoplait Yogurt Promo

The other day, I saw a short clip of what happens during commercial breaks on The Drop. It features Jelynn, enjoying some yogurt while completely ignoring Jose Antonio. It's pretty funny, and airs randomly during commerical breaks on Sitv. I'm not sure how long this clip will be airing, so keep an eye out for it.

[Note 2009: The website I originally uploaded the clip to has been bought out and the video was removed. I will try to find another option.]


Anonymous said...

Nice clip! =) I didn't get any audio for some reason, but the whole thing was still funny to watch. Go Jelynn! Thanks for posting this, Marcus!


Marcus said...

Hmm, you're the second person to say that. Try turning up the volume on your computer a lot higher than normal. I still can't watch it myself at the website. For now, try this link:

When you are asked, tell it to save the clip to your computer. I was able to download it that way and it was fine, had audio and everything.

Marcus said...

Well, I was finally able to watch the clip at the website as well, and it looks fine. The audio worked, although it was pretty quiet before I turned up the volume.

There's a volume control in the player's bottom-right corner, turn that up all the way. Also, turn up the volume on your computer. If you are on Windows, look for a grey speaker icon near the clock in the bottom right corner of your monitor. Double-click and turn up the "Wave" volume. That one will have the biggest effect on how loud it is.

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