Friday, March 17, 2006

The Jelynn-Music lifestyle Suzuki looks Luxurious.

If you watch Jelynn's show, The Drop, then you probably have already heard about the promotion Suzuki is doing with Sitv. Last year, Jelynn and the other hosts of The Drop got their own Suzuki cars to personilize however they wanted (you can watch the clips of Jelynn's car here).

This season, the Suzuki cars are being tricked out to reflect different genres of music and the lifestyle associated with them. For the Pop-Music car, Suzuki and PCM turned to Jelynn for her input on what should go into it, and now it is finally finished. If you go to, you can watch all six segments of the car being designed and customized. In the first episode, which I posted about in February, Jelynn went shopping and helped Eric from PCM come up with some ideas. Sitv recently put of the sixth and final segment of the Pop-Music car and features Jelynn taking a look at all the customization and testing out the new features. Of course, Jelynn somehow managed to convice Sitv she should introduce the segment from a hair salon.

You can watch these segments on recent episodes of The Drop, or at Make sure to click on the "1" below the video player to see the first segment where Jelynn comes up with ideas, and the "6" to see final clip with Jelynn looking at the finished Suzuki. Don't forget to check out the photo gallery on the same page. Here's a little preview of the video:

[Note 2009: Unfortunately, Sitv has shutdown the website and removed the clips]

I said this post would be about cars, didn't I?

Oh, here we go:


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