Thursday, February 2, 2006

A Sitv promo clip for The Drop recently put up a promo clip they have also been airing on the channel. If you've never seen The Drop, but are interested what it's about when they aren't dancing or playing music videos, you should check out this clip. It has all the basic elements of the show: the intro, celebrity interviews, live performances, dance battles, MC battles, DJ battles, and the chaos that can ensue at any moment.

Click on the picture to play the video. It's an 11mb file, so be patient while it downloads. If the wrong video starts playing, select the video manually by clicking on the link that only says "The Drop" under the "Recent Additions" menu. Below the video that plays, it should say, "The Drop features live performances from some of today's hottest artists, celebrity interviews, fierce dance-offs and more. Drop in on The Drop every weekday at 5pm ET/PT."

[Note 2009: Unfortunately, Sitv appears to have removed this clip from their website]


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