Monday, January 9, 2006

Jelynn's glowing pink Suzuki

If you didn't watch season 2 of the Drop in 2004, you may have missed Jelynn getting a FREE car from Suzuki. She not only got a free Forenza, but Pacific Coast Motoring also tricked out her new car to match her style and personality.

Unfortunately, when sitv redesigned their newsite last month, the video clips of Jelynn's Forenza being tricked out by PCM were lost in the shuffle. I will attempt to get them back online somewhere else, but it may not be possible. Here are a few screenshots from each episode:

Everyone learns the good news

Jelynn designs her car

Jelynn's finished Forenza

Continuing to look at the tricked out Forenza including the interior and 'rear'.

It didn't turn out too Scary. I don't know what she was worried about.

Continuing the discussion on The Drop


Anonymous said...

how do i watch these suzuki clips?? do u still have the suzuki commercial?

Marcus said...

Unfortunately the clips were deleted by the site owner without informing me. I'll see if there's something else I can do about it.

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