Thursday, January 12, 2006

Covering E3 2005 for GTtv

In 2005, Jelynn was on the showroom floor for the Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3) for GameTrailers Television (GTtv).

Here are links to all of her segments. Each link will take you to a page where you can stream the video. On that same page, there are links to directly save the video to your hard drive in Windows Media and QuickTime formats.
Note: There may be a commercial playing before her segments.

Pre-E3: Interviews with people from Activision about what they are bringing.

Pre-E3: Interview with Grant Collier about Call of Duty 2

Pre-E3: Interview with Dan Vondrak about X-Men Legends 2

Pre-E3: Interview with Jon Zamkoff about Ultimate Spider-man

NCsoft Booth Tour

Jelynn gets her hands on the new Gizmondo handheld gaming and media device

America's Army: ROS Booth Tour
The bad guys don't stand a chance against Private Rodriguez.

Vivendi Universal Games Booth Tour

Waner Brothers Interactive Booth Tour

Square Enix Booth Tour

What a shock. Jelynn was one of the Wildest People of E3

I wonder if Zelda saw that? Maybe now she'll start paying a little more attention to poor Link.

So, incase you weren't aware, Jelynn likes to play video games. To what extent, I'm not really sure, but I'll lay money she can kick your ass at Madden. She could certainly teach me a thing or two about Madden. For some reason, hail mary pass every down just doesn't work. But if it's Mario Kart we're talking about....she better watch out. I wonder if she already got the Xbox 360?


Anonymous said... look great !!!

Anonymous said...

hahaha. this is great. shes my best friend and she does have a 360, she will kick your ass at madden and mario kart. i know this from experience. great work.

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