Monday, December 26, 2005 gets a facelift.

If you have been to sitv more than once in the last few months, you may have noticed that the site didn't change at all. The forums didn't even update for months at a time. I've always thought that the Sitv website was a hinderance to Sitv's growth, but that has all changed. The new site looks great and has a lot more information on their featured shows. There are new pictures, desktops, screensavers, and clips of the shows to check out. Check out the pages for The Drop if you want some more information on Jelynn. I think I still have the old links on the right for the Sitv forums and the page for The Drop. I'll try to fix those soon. I guess it's a little Christmas present to all the Sitv watchers out there. I like the new site a lot. What do you think?


Jelynn said...

Hey Marcus...This is Jelynn Rodriguez, yes it's really me and I wanted to say THANK YOU sooo much for your support! I am flattered that you put hard work and time into doing this. It looks soooo awesome! I've actually started directing a few people to this site until my website is once again up and running because you're linked to a bunch of my work on here. FYI..I just finished shooting a film called Bar Starz.(I play "Melanie") Look out for it, 2006!
Thanks again and Happy New Year!!

Marcus said...

Hi Jelynn. Wow that was fast. I just went over to sitv forums and saw your post. My jaw dropped. Anyway, once I get settled in from post-holiday activities, I'll start adding more posts about Bar Starz and the links to other stuff. I'm not so great at html, which is why I started a blog which does most of the work for me :D

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