Saturday, December 17, 2005

Jelynn Rodriguez is a Filipino-American actress, singer, dancer, host and model. Born and raised in San Diego, California, Jelynn knew she wanted to pursue an entertainment career after singing to a large audience on her very first stage in a local cultural festival at the age of three. Jelynn was also inspired by her aunt, "Tita Missy" Aguilar, watching her for 5 years, as she played the role of Kim in the First National Touring Company of the musical “Miss Saigon” in the early 90’s.

Along with discovering her natural ability to sing, Jelynn learned all types of dance, ranging from tap, ballet, modern, jazz and Filipino-folk dancing with the Samahan Filipino American Performing Arts and Education Center during most of her youth and adolescent life. She then discovered her true passion of Hip-hop and this is what launched her growing journey through Hollywood. Jelynn auditioned against 300 applicants for one of the fifteen slots open to dancers at a Los Angeles talent agency. She left the audition with a contract. She continued to evolve as an artist by recording a vocal demo combining it with a pop/urban/funk/rock sound in 2001, which gained an invitation to perform before a standing room only audience at the House of Blues in Los Angeles.

Singing and dancing only lead Jelynn to want to learn more and become an all- around talented woman as she moved to Los Angeles. She began to acquire hosting and acting roles that lead her to host the Imagen Award nominated popular show "The Drop" on the cable network SiTV, for 5 seasons. From this experience, Jelynn is now known for hosting on numerous networks such as the TV Guide Channel, AMC, Altitude TV and most recently on Disney/ABC’s She has interviewed some of the biggest names in Hollywood such as Tyra Banks, Rachel Ray, Ellen Degeneres, Lindsay Lohan, Katy Perry, Justin Long, Mario Lopez, and many more. Jelynn has been featured on shows such as NBC’s “Las Vegas” and “Days of our Lives”, ABC’s “Samantha Who?” and “Caveman”, the FOX sitcom," Brothers" and has been featured on MTV, VH1 and Nickelodeon. Most recently, she played a lead role in the new popular web-based show “Acts of Love and Sex”.

Jelynn has also held lead roles in the films Bar Starz, Grizzly Park and Men, Interrupted, along with supporting roles in Jack Rio and How to Make Love to a Woman, which is released this summer. Jelynn is actively involved with the San Diego Asian Film Foundation and among many of the Asian American celebrities invited to attend the AZN Asian Excellence Awards in Los Angeles annually.

More recently, Jelynn has begun to model and has been hired numerous times by one of the biggest brands in the world, Nike. Also, we can't forget her love for music and dance that started it all. A project is in the works. Stay Tuned!

Even with Jelynn continuously working hard to represent Filipinos in Hollywood, she still continues to volunteer her time doing philanthropy work to raise money and awareness for the children at the HOPE Worldwide Village in Baseco and Laguna, Philippines, and became involved in the 1st Annual GAPP (Gina Alexander Philanthropy Projects) event in 2007 for this cause. Jelynn has recently been inspired by the work of Gawad Kalinga and is thrilled about joining forces with them. There are many exciting ideas brewing in her head and she is especially honored to be apart of a movement that will bring a positive change for The Philippines. She considered quitting her entertainment career to devote her time to help these children and families. The more she thought about it, she decided to continue on her career path and use any influence she has to help encourage these children and families to have hope and better their lives, as well as inspire people to do more and give back to those in need.


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